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Five Star Hotel Systems

Five Star Hotel Software Corp offers two suites of programs, Full Five Star and Five Star Lite.

If you have over 44 rooms our Full Five Star program is designed for you, or if you have under 44 rooms offering high service such as a resort or specialty inn the Full Five Star is also for you. Both Lite and Full integrate with all of the additional modules offered by Five Star.

If you have under 44 rooms with standard or limited services Five Star Lite is for you. Both Full Five Star and Five Star Lite handle


Room availability;

guest history;

Check in / walk in;

Registration cards;

Check out;

Guest transactions & folios;


Corporate billing;

E-mail confirmations and reports;

Occupancy forecasting;

And all reporting you need to manage your business.

The Full version of Five Star offers the following features, not offered by Five Star Lite:

Groups management;

Package plans;

Guest preferences;

Travel agents;

Yield management;

Market source analysis;

And Report generators.

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