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Five Star Hotel Systems

About Us

Five Star Hotel Systems is a Canadian company with dealers throughout North America offering you the most comprehensive suite of Windows based software for hotels. Over 550 properties have chosen the Five Star System, making it the number one selling system in Canada. Close to 25% of the independent hotels in Canada over 45 rooms use Five Star. The company has been in operation since 1994, and its owners have been developing and teaching hotel software since 1983. Today there are over 550 installations throughout North America.

The success of the company is due to the quality of the product, and to the experience offered to you in implementing your system:

Gary Jonas is considered to be amongst the TOP THREE programmers in the North American hospitality industry by industry experts. Our programming team has been writing hotel software since 1983, and have the experience of over 1000 hotels.

Five Star is the only company with the programming power to offer a complete suite of fully integrated programs, since we co write other modules with Gary Jonas Computing, who have an additional 2500 installations in the Construction and Country Club markets.

Manuals, documentation, training plans and support are designed with over 20 years experience implementing more than 1000 systems and training more than 6000 people.

This combination has resulted in over 94% of Five Star users expressing complete satisfaction in surveys taken since 1997. And Five Star is priced smart - to be your best software value, so your decision is easy.

Excellent software, excellent support, excellent training, excellent user references, and excellent price make Five Star the one you should look at!

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