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Support # is

Technical support is available during regular office hours, Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm Eastern Time.

Outside of those times and during stat holidays, you can still contact support 24/7.  There is a charge for this service as outlined by your support contract.

Contact support by clicking on "Start a New Support Call" from the Support button found on the right side of your Five Star program screen if you're using the default skin or the Contact Support button on the top left of your screen if you're using the classic skin.

Update Your Five Star Software

Five Star Hotel Systems

Click on the update button below to download and install the most recent update for your Five Star software.  Before running the update, be sure that all users are logged out of the system and all interfaces are shut down.  The update can be run on any computer but the server is always preferred.  After the update has run, launch Five Star on just one computer for the update process to complete.

Software license restrictions: The restrictions of your Software License apply to the use of this download. Specifically, you may not copy this software except to install it on your existing Five Star system. You may not distribute it to any other party. This update contains only a partial set of Five Star programs, and it will operate only when used on a complete, existing Five Star system. Simply downloading this update will not create an operating Five Star system on its own. Please do not give anyone else the password to this page. Doing so is a violation of your Software License and could result in termination of your License. Remember - unauthorized copying of software is stealing - just like someone who takes a television from one of your rooms.

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